Top 5 Tips For Hiring an ELECTRIC Contractor in Whitby, On

#1 Know what you need before you start

Make a plan and put your ideas together clearly so that your electrician will have a good idea of your objectives. If you know what needs to be done this will make it easy for him to implement the work and provide you with an accurate quote.

#2 Interview multiple electricians

You should never take the word or advice of just one contractor. By interviewing multiple electricians you will get a good idea of the average pricing and will give you the opportunity to ask questions about the work.

#3 Do A Background Check

You can easily find information about the business online such as reviews licenses to see if the contractor is reputable. Don't be afraid to ask for some references that you can call and check on.

#4 Don't pay upfront

Many people make the mistake when hiring an electrician to pay the total upfront. You should make a schedule or list of milestones to complete and payments to be made.

#5 Keep in contact with your electrician

Make frequent follow ups with your electrician to see how the project is going. Communication is the key to a successful project completion.


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